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 Members who has been warned by moderators

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PostSubject: Members who has been warned by moderators   Tue May 12, 2009 1:21 am

Okie mods, you know the purpose of this thread yeah? Just post according to this format if possible so everyone is clear on the contents and all yeah? Thanks for all the hard work!

Member User ID:
Warned by: [Moderator Name]
Reason for warning:
No. of times warned:
Contents of PM sent:[for this part, just copy paste the PM that u sent to warned the member can alr. I asked for this so we know the contents, and then if other mods want to do another warning to this same member, she wouldn't do it in the same way. Smile]


In addition, the moment u warn the member, please update this thread, and when the member replies, just reply in this thread to indicate that the member has taken note of the warning or not yeah? It's sth like the staff leave thread where after u come back, u report back in the thread, it's the same thing technically, so hope u understand what i mean! If you're unclear, as usual, just bring the questions on! *muakz!*
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Members who has been warned by moderators
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